Weed-Themed Weddings Are The Budding Trend You Need To See

weed weddings

Looking for nontraditional wedding ideas? Well, weed weddings are a thing. The recent trend finds creative ways to incorporate cannabis into wedding celebrations — from smokable bud boutonnieres and edible goodies to tasteful decor — in states where recreational use of marijuana is legal. The results are surprisingly less hippie than you would imagine, thanks to the gourmet options and posh products that are now available.

Weed weddings first emerged in 2016, right around the time the very first Cannabis Wedding Expo took place in Denver, CO. At the Expo, which now takes place four times a year in different locations, couples are shown ways to incorporate marijuana into their weddings in a safe, controlled environment. Some of these options are overtly weed-focused, like unity bowls hit during the ceremony, bud bars for guests, spiked wedding cakes, and gift bags with joints, while others are more subtle (think greenery in the decor and flower arrangements). Irie Weddings & Events, a cannabis-oriented wedding-planning company based in Colorado, creates weed-inspired touches to traditional wedding details that are so subtle, you might just miss them (like their weed bouquet below).

“This movement is simply making it more acceptable to enjoy cannabis as part of a group in a social setting at a wedding,” Bec Koop, cannabis concierge and Irie Weddings & Events co-founder, told The Atlantic. Now, more and more businesses are looking at ways to get involved in the budding trend, including venues, florists, bakeries, designers, and photographers (btw, the clouds of smoke photograph beautifully).

But weed can do much more than stimulate the economy; there's also evidence that suggests it leads to less likelihood of conflict, reduced stress, happier relationships, and heightened intimacy — all things you want on your wedding night. So, whether you're interested in the reported emotional benefits of marijuana or simply enjoy the aesthetic of it, you'll surely enjoy having a scroll through these cannabis-inspired wedding photos.




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