This Bizarre Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt Is Breaking The Internet

balenciaga t-shirt shirt

Photo: Courtesy of Balenciaga

When it comes to outlandish fashion finds luxury labels love to push the envelope–and no one does so quite like Balenciaga. In fact, just last year they left us scratching our heads over their rubber car mat skirt and their pricey platform crocs, which were preceded by a knock-off Ikea bag…but their latest creation just might be the weirdest look yet from the fashion house.

While we can always appreciate a twofer the latest creation, the Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt, is quite confusing–and it'll cost you a small fortune. For $1,290 you can look like a human mannequin as the t-shirt has a checkered button-down attached to it. Even if it is considered a multi-wear product we're not convinced it's worth the hefty price tag.

The t-shirt shirt is made of poplin and the website details the two ways to rock the style. “Wear the short sleeves shirt with front drape effect or the long sleeves shirt with back drape effect.” If you decide to scoop up the interesting look, be sure to either hand-wash or dry clean your new purchase.

If you like the t-shirt but are bummed by the casual look the brand is also selling the “Double Shirt” which consists of a long and short-sleeve shirt that featured a back round pleat. The double-collared ensemble retails for $1,290.

While the t-shirt shirt is certainly eccentric, it's way more functional than other designer duds (like Moschino's completely see-through dry-cleaning dress).