Throwback: Soothing Sista’s Modern Take On Beatnik Style (Video)

fall boots

Stephanie Villa (aka Soothing Sista) is a Los Angeles-based blogger known for her badass sense of style, edgy beauty looks, and fearless confidence. Over the last few years, her Youtube channel has seen over 20 million views and her Instagram followers have grown to over 300 thousand. She shares everything from how to fake piercings to ombre lip tutorials, but it’s her vintage shopping secrets we really love. As part of our Throwback series, Villa walks us through Beatnik fashion, which was inspired by the beat movement in the 1950s. In contrast to the full skirts and tiny waistlines of the generation, think slim trousers, striped t-shirts, leather moto jackets, and berets. Watch the video above to see Villa’s modern take on vintage Beatnik style.

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