15 Things You Didn’t Know About Katy Perry


Katy Perry is a firework! Here, we reveal 15 fun facts about the fabulously sassy songstress. Learn even more about her in Us Weekly's special-edition bookazine, “All About Katy Perry,” featuring never-before-seen photos from when she was a wee baby until now. Readers will also get an exclusive peek at Perry's California Dreams tour.

1. She loves making CD mixes for friends. “Katy makes the best mixes ever!” says her producer Greg Wells. “Her musical taste is so ahead of the curve. She introduced me to Robyn and La Roux before anyone else.”

2. She used to hate her big boobs. Even though she embraces her assets now, as a teen “she would downplay them because she was a guy’s girl and liked doing the stuff the guys did,” older sister Angela Hudson.

3. Her celeb crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Swoon! Growing up, Perry was gaga for the ‘90s child star (Home Improvement). “I think we both had a crush on him,” confesses Angela. “But who didn’t!”

4. Club sandwiches are her absolute favorite. Double-decker delight! “She loves club sandwiches,” her hairstylist Kim Gueldner confides. “Loooves them.” Another equally random food fixation: “Brussels sprouts!”

5. She likes to, um, break wind. When asked to share her favorite Katy story, sis Angela replied: “She likes to fart a lot. Everywhere. In front of everybody. And you can print that!” Done.

6. She cleans – for fun! No joke: To relax, “she likes to vacuum and sweep and clean the house,” says record exec Angelica Cob-Baehler.

7. She’s a poor speller. “She says that spellcheck is her best friend, and it’s true, obviously, with her not having finished school,” says Angela. “But she’s very, very smart!”

8. She’s preoccupied with personal hygiene. The secret to her pearly whites? “Katy is obsessed with brushing her teeth,” stylist Johnny Wujek says.

9. Yes, she knows she looks just like actress Zooey Deschanel. Jokes Perry, “I think she’s hot, so does that make me hot?”

10. She’s unaware of a lot of ‘80s pop culture. Due to a sheltered childhood, Perry, at 26, “is still learning about it,” says sis Angela. “Our friends will make references, and we’ll go, ‘Huh?’ I think that’s why she’s playing Smurfette in the Smurfs movie. We weren’t allowed to watch that!”

11. She loves the Jersey Shore accent. Perry, who met Snooki at last year’s Grammys, loves mimicking the MTV star’s speech. “We all start picking it up: ‘Oh, my gawd!’” says Gueldnew, laughing. “People are like, ‘Why are you speaking like that?”

12. She’s a big Adele fan. Duet, anyone? Perry blasts the U.K. blues singer in her dressing room. “Katy emailed me saying she wants to cuddle with her!” Wells jokes.

13. She’s very inspired by 1950s swing culture. Her first fashion aha moment: “I was 13 and started swing dancing. I wanted to emulate the rockabilly girls with jet-black hair and Cadillacs!”

14. She loves Us Weekly! “I’d buy it all the time when I had no money for anything else. It’s the best!”

15. She gives away her outfits to her tour crew. Lucky! Her singers and dancers get first dibs on clothes, shoes and jewelry.