3 Looks, 2 Opinions: Beauty Looks from the Mind of a Man


Men are from Mars, and as such, their opinions on beauty differ greatly compared to the ladies who rock the looks.

Curls vs. Straight Strands – Curly girls everywhere have embraced their natural texture by playing up their curls with the latest frizz fighters and conditioners for soft strands. But it seems that guys prefer the ease of running their fingers through straight strands. If you’re looking to meet him in the middle, you can never go wrong with a few beach waves. Guess a good blowout goes much farther than we thought!

Lipstick vs. Lipgloss – A red lip is classic, and a pop of color is a great way to pull a beauty look together with just a swipe. A face covered in the vibrant hues isn’t a trend that translates to the men in our lives. If you’re moving in for a smooch, swipe on a bit of gloss for shine and a flavor he’ll sure to ask for another taste.

Foundation vs. BB Cream – A beauty buff is all about a flawless finish – no spot or pore in sight if done correctly — and foundation is the fastest way to get there. While guys prefer a more natural look, it doesn’t mean you have to step out with a naked face. A BB or CC Cream provides enough coverage for any major redness or dark spots while protecting your skin and allowing it to shine through.

Polished to Perfection vs. Au Naturel Nails –- While many see the #ManiMonday trend as more of a dying art, nail ninjas still can’t get enough color and glitter on their tips and toes. The bells and whistles of nail art might be too much for guys, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have your me-time manicure. A gentle nude or soft hue will ensure you look and feel polished without clashing with your ensemble.

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