4 Shows on TV That Grew Up Along With Us


Not every television program we lent our loyalty to during our adolescent years is still around, so we hold a special place in our heart for the ones we seem to still recognize on TV. They may have grown up along with us, perhaps with new characters or altered plotlines, but that doesn’t make them any less dear.

Reading Rainbow
Premiering on June 6, 1983, Reading Rainbow gave us our first glimpse into the magical world of books and learning. We kids who grew up with host LeVar Burton may be long out of primary school, but the love for Reading Rainbow remains—with a Kickstarter fund in the works to bring it back!

21 Jump Street
We wrapped up the ’80s with Johnny Depp heating up our TVs and preteen hearts on the series 21 Jump Street. Nearly two decades later, the classic show became a movie, with Mr. Depp himself even making an appearance alongside actors Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

Boy Meets World
Cory and Topanga taught us life lessons in our youth, and the duo will continue to do so with their spin-off show, Girl Meets World, which chronicles the adventures of their daughter.

The Muppets
We adored the furry cast back in our childhood, so of course we watched the Muppets star on the big screen alongside Amy Adams and Jason Segal in 2011. Can you believe these crazy characters—from Miss Piggy to Beaker—have made it through the late ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and all the way to today?