4 Tips to Transition Your Skin Into Spring


With winter slowly but surely releasing us from its grasp, it’s time to get our skin in gear for the sunshine and warmer temperatures. While mega moisture was the name of the game a few weeks ago, Dr. Debra Jaliman says it’s time to thin out our skincare wardrobe. She shared a few tips to ensue we snap up the right formulas for the season so our skin stays flawless.

Get Scrubbing – Switch from a mild cleanser to cleanser with exfoliating properties. Dr. Jaliman recommends choosing one with either glycolic acid or salicylic acid to gently remove dead skin cells and unclog pores – all without the bother of harsher scrubs.

Lighten Up – Sunscreen is a must regardless of the time of year, but you don’t have to smother your skin once spring arrives. Switch from a cream to a light lotion like Obagi’s 360 Hyadrafactor, powder, or gel. Just be sure it’s a broadspectrum formula, so you’re fully covered.

See About Serums – As we’re lightening the load on our skin, Dr. Jaliman also suggests the same for our regular moisturizers. She recommends Obagi Professional-C Serum that’s made with Vitamin C to brighten up your tone at the same time.

Dry Up the Oil Slick – With more warmth, comes more sebum to keep skin balanced. For those who are already oily, a toner should be a regular feature in you routine. Dr. Jaliman also advises that you use a clay mask once a week to draw out excess oil and, if needed use a mattifying gel under your makeup to avoid shine with a few blotting papers to sop up shine without any smudging.