4 Ways To Spice Up Movie Night


Are this summer’s action-packed blockbusters making you feel adventurous? Spice things up with these four tips that will help turn movie night into a zesty occasion.

1. Slip into Something Sexy
Keep things fresh by wearing something a little extra special for your date—a flirty dress or sexy shoes, perhaps? Whether you’re going out or staying in, this wardrobe upgrade will add some flavor to your typical movie night.

2. Match Your Menu to the Movie
Staying in? That doesn’t mean that you have to serve boring snacks. Be bold and create a menu inspired by your summer movie. Try pairing a hot summer action flick with a spicy veggie dip made with Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing.

3. Spend Time at a Drive-In
A drive-in movie theater certainly adds more passion to the night than your average multiplex. If you don’t have a drive-in near you, you can recreate the feel of an outdoor film by grabbing some blankets, stringing tantalizing lights to set the mood, and projecting an adventurous summer movie onto a white sheet in your own backyard!

4. Share Snacks with a Game
For a flirtatious date night game, pick a frequently used word in your movie (like “love”) and share snacks with your date whenever the word comes up! Popcorn and candy are the easiest snacks to share, but don’t be afraid to get daring. Keep movie night fun – not to mention tasty.