5 Delicious and Refreshing Summer Beer Cocktails

Practically nothing compares with a cold beer on a hot summer day. This season, instead of serving beer solo at your barbecues and family gatherings, surprise your guests and offer them a cold beer with a twist. Beer cocktails are ultra-refreshing variations on the summer staple. For fewer calories, use a light beer when mixing. Check out our top beer cocktails.

The Michelada (or Cubana)
Hailing from Mexico, this creation requires beer, lime juice, and hot sauce, served in a salt-rimmed glass over ice. Tequila is optional.

Also known as the Shandygaff in the U.K., this refresher is equal parts beer with either ginger ale, ginger beer, or lemonade. When mixed with an alcoholic lemonade such as Mike's Hard Lemonade, the drink is referred to as a TurboShandy.

Black Velvet
This classic is equal parts stout and champagne. Switch out the champagne for pale ale and you've made a Black and Tan.

Bee Sting
Concoct this beer-cocktail version of the classic Screwdriver by mixing dark beer with orange juice.

Summer Ale
Mix frozen pink lemonade from concentrate with water, vodka, and beer. Serve over ice with a lemon or lime wedge. Pump up the flavor by using lime-infused beer and lemon-infused vodka.