5 Fabulous Holiday Cookies


Thanks to some help from the Foodie Team, Santa won’t be going without his yearly sweet treat this season! Deck your holiday cookie platters with these five fabulous recipes! From candy-cane-scented treats to not-so-traditional sugar cookies, we’ve got you covered. Each unique creation is sure to bring joy and good cheer into the New Year.

Christmas in a Cookie
If you can imagine Christmas wrapped up into one cookie, this is what it would taste like. Sweet chocolate cookie crisps layered with creamy, buttery white chocolate and spiked with peppermint and crushed candy canes make for a treat with holiday cheer in every bite. [get the recipe at The Faux Martha]

Cherry Almond Shortbread Cookies
Each crumbly bite of these buttery shortbread cookies is infused with maraschino cherries and dipped in white chocolate. Lined with edible pearls, these cookies are so glamorous they must be displayed. [get the recipe at Flamingo Toes]

Snowball Cookies
Snowball cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, polvorones—many names identify this popular sugar-dusted cookie, which you can customize by adding your favorite nuts. They’re irresistible, so we say, call them whatever you like! [get recipe at Some Kitchen Stories]

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies
The deep chocolate flavor of Dutch-processed cocoa in these lightly sweet, soft, and toothsome cookies is offset by sweet, minty white chocolate. They’re filled with holiday-themed candies, but these gems are easily altered to be filled with almost anything you desire. [get recipe at Gluten Free on a Shoestring]

Chewy Sugar Cookies
Don't let the crisp, golden outside of these sugar cookies fool you—the inside is soft and pillowlike, making them delectable. Top with festive sprinkles for a heavenly holiday goody. [get recipe at Catch My Party]