5 Jewelry Designers You Need To Know


VALENTINE'S DAY IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER and right on cue your television screens are playing diamond-themed commercials to inspire expensive purchases. Don’t get us wrong, a diamond IS forever…but sometimes a girl wants something more fun, funky, unique and individualistic than the standard settings you find at a mall or suburban jewelry chain.

Maybe you don’t want a diamond, maybe you want more unusual and eye catching stones. Maybe she wants color. Maybe you want a big statement piece to show off your style. We’ve got your back. Here are 5 jewelry designers to put on your radar. They produce work that is varied in terms of price point and composition, but all of these artists are talented and will create a necklace, earrings, or ring for you that will make people stop you to ask “where did you get that?”

Camille Peace of PeaceImages: Bold, fierce, and unabashedly Afrocentric, Atlanta-based Camille Peace creates “peaces” that are both funky and sensual. Get into her bold Africa-shaped earrings, or her delicate, sexy body chains.

Nina Nguyen: there’s a reason that Nina Nguyen’s jewelry has been featured everywhere from People to Lucky to Real Simple – her jewelry is timeless, classic, and special. Her use of druzys and ancient fossils like ammonite is truly inspired.

Mark Morton: For ferocity and feathers, look no further than Linx by Mark Morton. Specializing in unique feather jewelry, specially harvested from rescued birds, Morton also pumps up the color and creates vibrant, eye catching statement necklaces and earrings.

Mali Sabatasso: If you love a statement stone, you will flip over Mali Sabatasso’s work. Inspired by sun, sea and sand, she creates free formed raw stone jewelry that turns heads and inspires conversations.

Sheryl Jones: Being the only African-American woman in New York’s Diamond District, Sheryl Jones has to compete with the big boys. She does it with pizzazz and color. According to this Essence interview she sees bold color and bigger.

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