5 Ways to Reward Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

Life is full of tedious tasks and daily to-dos. And with work, family, and friends competing for your attention—oh, and did we mention a limited bank balance?—it’s hard to carve out some fun, quality “me” time. Take a moment to reward yourself for your everyday accomplishments in these five little ways. They’ll make you feel fabulous without breaking the bank.

Treat Yourself
Way to go. You save money by making coffee at home every morning. (No need to spend on an overpriced cappuccino or mocha.) But every once in a while, a barista-brewed latte sounds extra special and so delicious. Allow yourself this small indulgence once a week. After all, you’ve been good!

Draw a Bubble Bath
You’ve had a long, hard, successful day at work. Instead of splurging on a bottle of fine wine, go home and draw yourself a steamy bubble bath. Light some candles, turn on the music, and pour a glass of vin ordinaire. You’ll be so relaxed, you won’t even notice.

Get a Mani
A little pampering goes a long way. And while a full-blown spa day is probably too pricey, a basic manicure will definitely do the trick. A quick hand massage and some pretty polish—you’ll feel refreshed in no time.

A Nibble of Chocolate
Chocolate releases endorphins (a.k.a. happy hormones). So you can easily give yourself a bit of a boost with a bite of semisweet, dark, or milk chocolate deliciousness.

Date Night
Sometimes a little peace and quiet is just what you need. Make a delicious dinner, put on a movie, and cuddle up under your softest blanket. Whether your date is your sweetie or your best gal pal, a nice evening in is as rewarding as it gets.