6 Saviors for Girls With Long Hair


Hair that grazes the middle of your back may evoke envy from admirers on the street, but little do they know the extra effort required for such long, strong locks. We’re not saying it’s not worth it—it just takes more work and consideration, which is why these six saviors should be in every long-haired lady's bathroom.

1.The doughnut bun
Hair Doughnut, available at Claire’s for $4.50 for a set of two
The easiest way to get a luxurious updo in a matter of minutes: a doughnut bun. It's a pain to get all that hair up into a pretty style while off your neck and shoulders, and that’s why the doughnut bun is a must.

2.Sticky roller
Large Washable Sticky Roller, available at simplygoodstuff.com for $10
Anyone with light-color bathroom tile or floors knows that girls with long hair shed, and it’s not a pretty look for your powder room.

3. Spray-in conditioner
Not Your Mother’s Knotty to Nice Conditioning Detangler, available at Ulta for $5.99
Pretty long hair is less pretty when it's full of tangles. And long means more tangles, so make sure to have a product to help loosen those knots when you're out of the shower.

4. No pull hair ties
Emi-Jay Orange Hair Ties, available at Nordstrom for $6.50 for a three-pack
As we said before, we're aiming to create fewer tangles. These hair ties don’t pull at hair and won't create a crease either. They’re perfect for quick ponies and topknots.

5. Drain declogger
Liquid-Plumr® Hair Clog Eliminator ™, available at Walmart for $5
It’s inevitable to lose hair while you’re showering, and those pesky strands are maximized if you have long locks. Ensure your drain is always clog-free with Liquid-Plumr®. Simply pour, wait 15 minutes, flush with hot water,* and the gel formula will have coated your pipe walls, making clogs a thing of the past.

6. Travel comb
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler, available at Sephora for $20
Even girls on the go have to keep their long hair looking luxe—which takes more effort than it does for those with short dos.

*Use as directed. Not intended for use in toilet or garbage disposal systems.