A Charming New Candle to Covet


There's a new candle to covet, and this one comes with a cute charm. Bella j. is a chic collection of colorful and delicious smelling candles that contain a bracelet or necklace inside.

You might recognize the adorable packaging from illustrator Sujean Rim (she's done drawings for Daily Candy and Barney's, to name a few). Multi-colored stripes, splattered tye-die, fuchsia flowers, aqua swirls, and more, her prints are unique, quirky, and aesthetically pleasing. The candles themselves are also a worthy selling point. Made in the US and consisting of 100% soy paraffin wax, each one contains a silver, gold, or diamond pave pendant. A few candles even hold a real diamond charm valued at ten thousand dollars! Kind of like playing the lottery but instead of a ticket, you get an incredible smelling side-table accessory.

Here's how to get the charms safely out of the candle:

$24.99 for one 10.5 oz. candle and charm, available at Bella j.

PS: Are you a fan of Sujean's colorful watercolor work? Check out Bella j.'s notebooks, also showcasing her illustrations.