A Day in the Life of Beauty: Celebrity Makeup Artist Melanie Inglessis

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Glam checked in with @MelanieMakeup, aka Melanie Inglessis as she prepped one of Hollywood’s moms-to-be to show off her radiant glow at the Golden Globes as well as one of its comeback kids – all to make it out in time for date night with her hubby. Here she shares her busy day:


I wake up to the sound of my alarm, which is the song Distractions by Zero -- my favorite to wake up to! 2 sets of eyes are watching me; time to feed Tessa and Millie,my 2 dogs.


Hubby makes gluten-free raspberries pancakes and crispy bacon to go with a yummy double espresso latte.


I take a hike with the girls and hubby to start the day.


Showered and ready. I take a look at all the Revlon makeup that is displayed in my office. I pick the products I think I will use, which is a lot! I am thinking of creating a smoky eye with all those gorgeous eye palettes.


Kit loaded in the car. I stopped at Intelligentsia Coffee in Silverlake for the last coffee of the day.


I arrived at Olivia Wilde’s to get her ready for the Golden Globes, she is presenting! Lona Vigi, the hairdresser and my friend is here. Olivia shows us her Gucci dress; it is gorgeous! The color is this bright Emerald Green. The 3 of us talk hair and make up. We look online for some references and decide on the look.


Glam time! Fun time! We decided on a purple smoky eye to compliment her eye color and her dress. I love a smoky eye on Olivia; she carries it like no one else. Loving Revlon’s PhotoReady SkinLights Face Illuminator. I am using it mixed with the PhotoReady foundation for a dewy and illuminating finish or by itself on the collarbone to highlight the body or face.


Olivia is in the car! Can’t wait to see her on the red carpet! I phone my hubby to remind him to record the red carpet event. I am packing then driving to Lona to chill and do my phone interviews about Olivia's look.


Starting phone interviews with different press outlets and bloggers.


Stopping at Jones on 3rd for a takeaway salad! Now it’s off to Santa Monica for my next client, Anna Chlumsky.


Arrived in Santa Moncia, and started Anna's makeup. She is so lovely and easy to work with. Glam Time with Anna and her hairdresser. We are going for a natural, pretty look with a little definition around the eyes.


Back home for a dinner out with hubby at Maximillano. Still looking online for great pictures of my girls; Social Media cant wait! Ok, a few more posting, tweetting, Instagraming. Facebooking. "Please put your phone away," he asked. Ok! Switching off. Goodnight!