A Day in the Life of Fatima Thomas

Glam checked in with Fatima Thomas, Senior Artist at MAC, whose been running all across the city helping Kimberly Ovitz and Rebecca Taylor gear up for their shows for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Here, Thomas shares a personal account of her day from battling the elements with a full makeup kit to finally relaxing with her two cats at the end of a full day.

Sept. 5th:
Imagine trekking around New York City with a 30 lb. makeup kit, in 82 degree heat, and some intermittent rain. Most of the day, I felt like I’d had a bucket of water dumped on me. But I’m not complaining, because despite the unpleasant climate, it was a fabulous day.

For starts, this morning I accompanied my colleague and fellow Senior Artist, Gina Bettelli, to a hair/makeup test for designer Kimberly Ovitz. The inspiration was global nomad, chic and effortless. Gina created an earthy minimal face that complimented the clothes perfectly. We have a sense of teamwork that can only come from years of working together and it’s one of the reasons I’m most proud to be working for MAC .

Next, I supported makeup artist Sil Bruinsma on a makeup test for the designer Rebecca Taylor. Rebecca is one of the nicest people in the fashion industry, and Sil is a superb artist with a calm confidence and a great sense of humor. I predict that the face he crafted for Rebecca this season will be a major hit.

I’m finally wrapping up this late evening and my feline companions, Puss and Boots, are watching as I prep for another long day tomorrow. Tomorrow’s agenda includes the Kimberly Ovitz show, more scuttling about New York City, a wardrobe change, and press interviews at Fashion’s Night Out. Brushes are washed. At-home manicure is tight. Outfits are planned. Snacks are packed. Emails are sent. Home is dusted and vacuumed (I hate coming home to a less than tidy nest after demanding days of fashion). I wonder when I can fit in some fitness and chiropractic care. A day in the life of a makeup artist (sigh)…I wouldn’t have it any other way.