A Day in the Life of Monique Lhuillier

The weeks leading up to Fashion Week are always hectic – my kids and their activities, sketching, finalizing designs, fittings…these are all on top of the other projects I have going on! Here is a day in my life:

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

6:30 AM: I get up early and start with coffee and immediately check my emails!

7:00 AM: Yoga at home with Stephen- I have been working with him for three months and he is so wonderful! Yoga is a wonderful way to start off the day.

8:00 AM: Time for breakfast with my kids, Jack and Sophia…the morning is a nice time for us to talk about school, their friends, and other important things going on their lives.

9:00 AM: This morning, I showed them a few sketches for the new collection- Jack responded to all the vibrant colors, he has such a great eye. For the rest of the morning I am getting my children ready for their activities- Jack is off to tennis and Sophia is going on her daily walk – they love to be active and have lots to do.

10:00 AM: I arrive at the office; much of the afternoon is spent in design, fabric or embroidery appointments, and fitting the collection on our house model. We do this every day leading up to NY to make sure each seam, hem and detail is absolutely perfect. Our show in NY in September and February is the most important time of year and I want to be sure that my best is shown to the editors, buyers and of course, our fans.

2:00 PM: Tom, my husband and CEO of Monique Lhuillier, and I get on the phone with our Public Relations team in NY- they help us with the show, sending out invites, confirming our editors to attend and other important press items.

3:00 PM: Tom and I are on a call with the show producer to review all integral parts of the upcoming show.

3:30 PM: Then it’s back to DESIGN- it’s what I do and who I am! I work with my team finding the best fabrics and materials to bring my sketches to fruition. I also take the rest of the afternoon for more sketching…I am constantly inspired by what I see in everyday life, books I am reading, movies I see…even though we are working on Spring 2011, I am already thinking about Fall 2011!! Design for me never ends, it is my passion.

Some days, including today, I have fittings at the Flagship on Melrose with a client or celebrity. I love having face-time with the women who wear my collection and continue to be supporters.

After that, back home for dinner with my kids and Tom. My family is so important to me, and I love having the time to spend with them in the morning and at night. I’m truly blessed to have my family accompany me to NY for Fashion Week- it’s a family event!~Monique Lhuillier