A ‘Good Time Call’ with Funny Girl Lauren Miller

About a month ago, we were among the lucky few who got invited to New York's advanced screening of “For A Good Time, Call…” a raunchy romp about what happens when opposites attract, frenemies become roommates, and a phone sex operation is what keeps it all afloat. Actress Lauren Miller — the (just as funny) better half of Seth Rogen — played the squeaky clean Lauren Powell and was also responsible for penning the script with a pal who inspired the saucy story. We had our own call with the star (PG rated, of course), who revealed what kept her cracking up on set, what it's like being a funny woman in showbiz, and the best friend she absolutely cannot live without. Hint: Rogen's not at the top of her list.

On how she developed the story arc for “Good Time, Call…”:
I have a lovely writing partner, her name is Katie [Ann Naylon]. We were roommates in college. We started with us, and our dynamic, and our relationship, and decided to make a movie about what drives a female relationship — Katie's real life experience running a phone sex line her freshman year in college [inspired it]. It wasn't about telling the true story of Katies's adventures in college, or making a documentary about phone sex, or even portraying real phone sex. For us, it was about using something real funny and pushing the limits.

On making an independent, female-centric comedy in Hollywood:
We wrote our script before Bridesmaids, and no one would make our movie because people told us female comedies didn't do good. We made ours independently, and then Bridesmaids happened. [That movie] proved that there is an audience for that type of move and girls want to see them — women have a lot of awesome things to say!

On her favorite scenes to film:
The scene that I couldn't get through without laughing was the scene on the toilet… what I enjoyed filming the most was the montage when Katie's character is teaching me to do phone sex — It was me pushing Lauren and pushing that character.

On working side-by-side with Ari Graynor (who portrayed Katie):
I am very in love with Ari — I'm really in a love high with Ari at the moment… I have no words for how lucky I was to have her! She was who we had in our heads when we wrote that part. (She lauded Justin Long too, saying he was “an incredible improvisor” who modeled his character after the film's director, Jamie Travis).

On dealing with critics and having husband Seth Rogen make a cameo:
You don't set out to make a comedy about phone sex and expect [good reviews]. I never expected to have 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. As far as people loving Seth, God I love him, too. I don't care if they single him out in there.

On two funny characters living under one roof:
We have a stage where we do a stand up act for each other every night (laughs). We're much more mellow at home, we watch a lot of TV and order takeout.

On the five things she can't live without:
Zelda (her puppy who had an appearance or two in the film). Shopping — Athropologie, I'm an addict; it's terrible! Buffalo wings, my favorite food. Well, of course my husband; he should be number one, I guess, not Zelda. My family.