A Hollywood Moment with Allison Williams: Marnie is Moving On


It's been 7 months and a handful of days since HBO's Girls ended its second season. Since, we've wondered how Hannah's been coping with her OCD, if Jessa will ever deal with her daddy (or any other) issues, and whether Shoshanna has stepped into good-girl-gone-bad territory for good.

“It is a season where all four of the girls are a little more proactive about finding themselves and figuring their lives out,” the always red-carpet ready Allison Williams told GLAM over the phone.

Which brings to Marnie to mind.

The series’ fourth coming-of-age millennial will have to explore season three twists solo—her on-again, off-again romance with Charlie has come to an absolute end with the departure of Christopher Abbott from the series. Which, in any girls’ world, means that a transformation is soon to follow.

“She doesn't go through any major style changes aside from the odd outfit here and there,” Williams told us, putting to bed the idea of Marnie undergoing a big chop. “But, I think she goes through more of a spiritual change afterwards, and she's trying a lot of different techniques to pull herself up and out of her hole… with varying degrees of success.” Or not much at all, she adds.

Find out what else Williams revealed about the January 14 return of Girls, how she puts her best face forward with a Simple skincare routine, and what it's like to have access to covetable designer wears in the video below!