A Hollywood Moment with Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard, and Adam Driver at The 2012 Gotham Awards

Emily Blunt, Marion Cotillard, and Matt Damon were among the esteemed cast of actors, filmmakers, and entertainers at Monday's IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards at New York's famed Cipriani hall. An annual celebration of the year's best independent works, the Gotham Awards honored indie favorites like the Wes Anderson-directed Moonrise Kingdom with Best Feature, Cotillard and Damon with “Tribute” awards for their achievements in the industry, and even fulfilled its mission to support emerging indie greats with the euphoria Calvin Klein “Live the Dream” grant for female filmmakers. Amid air kisses, Russian Standard Vodka overload, and the elegant ambience of the world-renowned Cipriani New York hall, Glam heard from stars like Adam Driver (HBO's Girls), Natalie Zea (Dirty Sexy Money), and Cotillard on the importance of independent film in Hollywood and exactly what the Gothams means to them.

Luciana Bozán Barroso and husband Matt Damon with Emily Blunt and husband John KrasinskiMarion Cotillard in Christian Dior Couture

Matt Damon on Calvin Klein during his acceptance speech for the 2012 “Tribute” award:
“I was at this same event 15 years ago. What's funny is that Calvin Klein offered me a free suit at that time. It was then that my life became surreal, when I realized that everything in my closet still wouldn't add up to the cost of that suit.”

Marion Cotillard to the independent filmmakers in attendance at the Gotham Awards:
“…[You all are] great storytellers… [who] have the courage to hold a mirror up to life and create a story based on what they see.”

Natalie Zea on the importance of supporting independent film:
“What isn't important about independent film? I feel like only seven or eight people are really allowed to play in the studio system, and the only way to combat that is for people to go out and buy cameras and start making their own stuff, and show the world, basically, that we can do this and we don't have to be beholden to a bunch of men in suits.”

Adam Driver on his creative processes both in front and behind the lens:
“When I'm calling the shots, then I'm taking notes while we're shooting, so I can make adjustments between takes, whereas on “GIRLS,” I'm just acting and I turn off that [analytical] part of my brain — it gets in the way. My only job when I'm just acting is to pay attention to this second, pay attention to this moment. If I get too far ahead or if I dwell on something too far in the past, then that compromises my ability to improv and have fun and be truthful in this moment.”

Check out these images from the night's ceremony, including Emily Blunt in ivory Calvin Klein, brand spokesmodel (and mommy-to-be!) Lara Stone, a dressed up Jack Black, and more!

Comedian Jack Black and Actress Emily Blunt | Calvin Klein model Lara Stone

Independent film producer Joana Vicente | Actress Mickey Sumner