A Second Peek at Prabal Gurung’s Collaboration for Target!

With the announcement of Prabal Gurung's collaboration with Target came a first peek at the collection, but over the weekend, Fashionista scored an additional look thanks to a photoshoot starring Olivia Thirlby!

Gurung took to the streets of the West Village over the weekend to shoot his campaign for the upcoming partnership, opting for deli flowers and the beautiful city streets to serve as a backdrop to his creations. While the first look at his designs showed a floral short suit number, these new photos display a definitive feminine side to the collaboration. Thirlby posed in two delicate dresses that accentuate her waist line. While one leans to the floral inspiration of his “love filled” line, the second brings out the minimalistic side of his aesthetic.

We're anxiously anticipating February 10, when the collection hits Target stores!