A VIP AmEx Outing with Nicole Miller

We love a good field trip. This afternoon, Platinum and Centurion American Express card members ventured to Nicole Miller's flagship store on the Upper East Side for an exclusive showing of her Spring 2013 collection. Over mimosas and bite-sized pass arounds, the designer walked the VIP ladies through some of her spring looks — even lending a hand on what became an insane shopping spree! This crowd definitely put those AmEx cards to good use.

We congratulated Miller on a job well done regarding her show Friday night and then got the inside scoop on her post-show festivities.

What inspired this cosmic-cool collection?

I kind of had a nature-meets-sci-fi concept. I always like combining things that are kind of unusual; it was a lot of fresh flower prints and surrealism and futuristic prints.

Congratulations on an incredible show Friday night! What are you feeling and thinking during the final seconds before the show starts?

Are the girls going to show up? Are the shoes going to fit, are the heels going to break, is the music going to stop? You know, I always worry about those last-minute disasters.

What goes through your head as soon as it ends?

Where’s the champagne?! (Giggles).

What’s your favorite piece in the collection?

I really like the leather jackets, they’re really cool. I like the way we zip them on one side. And I like all the skinny pants.

I think it's just giving everybody a lot of options. Usually I like my show a little bit racier, but there’s always that conservative option. So we show them if you want to be a little more outrageous, you can wear it this way. If you want to be more conservative, you can wear it this way. When it’s back in the showroom we can show them how it can be toned down if it needs to be. You know, I always say I’m the good girl/bad girl.

So how would you describe this good-and-bad girl who wears Nicole Miller?

I think she’s like the modern girl with a full plate. She’s got a lot going on, she’s very savvy, and she’s just out there and busy. She could be a mom, she could be not a mom and still single — I sell to a lot of mothers and daughters. It’s really funny because a lot of times, they share the clothes if they’re the same size.

How are you celebrating this amazing line and the completion of the show?

Where I’m going tonight: Torrisi Italian Specialties on Mulberry Street. Have you heard of it? It takes like for-e-ver to get a reservation. You have to book the table a month in advance. My girlfriend from Paris and I have been trying to go for like a year. She tried all through July to get a table for August, then finally she gave up, so I had my assistant start in August. And I said ‘any day this week!’ So it’s tonight. I’m so excited about that.