Adele Is Vogue’s March Cover Girl

Adele transformed her heartbreak into record-breaking success with her album 21 selling over 17 million copies worldwide and sweeping the Grammys last night. The contralto faced throat surgery head on, and her journey has landed her the March cover of Vogue. In it, she talked about the process her voice went through before and after surgery only a few weeks after being able to speak again. “I’ve started humming again, “ she said. “I’ve been given the all-clear to start building my throat. I hadn’t sung for about five weeks before my surgery, and then I was in three weeks of total silence, so I have to build my voice back up to be able to belt again like I could before.” She was certainly well enough to bring the house down with her performance of her huge hit “Rolling In the Deep” at the Grammys.

She went on to explain the emotional connection she shares with the audience. “I think it’s because I write my songs; it’s my life,” she said. “When I sing ‘Someone Like You,’ I know that every single person in the room will be able to relate to it. That’s where that emotional connection comes from. I have sympathy for myself, I have sympathy for them, they have sympathy for me, and I know that we are all there knowing exactly how each other feels. It’s like a big pact. You can just feel it. You can slice it.”

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