Affleck and Clooney and Brad, Oh My!


Few awards ceremonies draw elite crowds like the one that descended upon the Four Seasons Los Angeles on Friday afternoon for the 2013 American Film Institute Awards Luncheon. Hollywood heavyweights including George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day Lewis, Sally Field, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, Anne Hathaway and Bradley Cooper joined their fellow honorees from this year's top 10 films and television series.

Affleck, who as director of Argo was recently snubbed by the Academyin spite of the film itself being nominated for Best Picture, let out an audible sigh while walking into the hotel lobby, as if to say “So we're doing this again?” Cooper was far more jovial. The actor, who has garnered critical acclaim for his role in Silver Linings Playbook, greeted every doorman on his way into the affair. A Prabal Gurung-clad Lawrence spent much of the afternoon cavorting with older producers, directors, and publicists. After one apologized to her for needing glasses to see her, the actress let her off the hook; “It's Hollywood–everyone needs something,” she said. Hathaway breezed in wearing an Oscar de la Renta ensemble; she was immediately greeted by her co-star Hugh Jackman. And though the Weinstein Company was a key player at the affair, Harvey ended up bailing at the last minute, sending a slew of publicists scrambling to fill his seat. Perhaps Mr. Weinstein was saving his energy for Sunday night's festivities…