Aida Mollenkamp Gives Us Something To Smile About


Celebrity chef and cookbook author Aida Mollenkamp has some of the pearliest whites we’ve ever seen, but admits to indulging in some of the most stain-inducing foods you can eat. Coffee, wine, candy, beets, balsamic vinegar – they’re certainly tasty, but they’re sure to stain your teeth over time. To help us out with keeping our teeth as bright white as hers, Aida hosted “An Evening to Smile About,” where she shared her favorite teeth whitening tips and tricks. After prepping and serving an amazing four-course meal (complete with red wine and a flourless chocolate cake, of course), Aida “dished” on her favorite products from the Rembrandt Intense Stain Collection. The Stain Dissolving Strips dissolve in 5-10 minutes and whiten your teeth within two weeks when used daily; the toothpaste is perfect for daily whitening maintenance. We’ll take her word for it based on her knack for making delicious food and her gorgeous smile – even if we did spot her grabbing some candy on the way out.

REMBRANDT INTENSE STAIN Stain Dissolving Strips and REMBRANDT INTENSE STAIN Toothpaste are available for $19.97 and $6.97, respectively at