All Grown-Up, But Never Too Old for Valentine’s Day Cards


Long gone are the days of passing out drug store packs of assorted Valentine's Day cards to our elementary school classmates, making sure potentially racy greetings like “Hot Stuff” and “Be Mine?” stayed out of the boys' boxes (You're Cool” was always a safe one…maybe even “Stay Sweet,” if he was a platonic pal). Nonetheless, you're never too old (or too cool) to send out a love note or two to your special someones on February 14th. It may be time to skip the romantic Disney princess character cards, but these grown-up not so mushy gushy cards will still get the point across.

If you're nostalgic for that handmade Valentine's Day card aesthetic, look no further than these heart themed DIY notecards designed with love by some of our favorite bloggers. Our first project makes sure to recognize this is no kiddy card; those are genuine beer bottle cap embellishments, girlfriend! Follow Craft Gossip's link to watch the video tutorial on how to make your bottle top love note. [Craft Gossip]

This next one is especially unique…the type of card recipients are sure to keep. A string holds a special sentiment inside the note, making it the perfect holiday gram for everyone from you lover to your leading lady friend. Take a look! [Little Inspiration]

Here's a perfect solution for the artistically challenged wanting to craft their own card. Happy Hour Projects has a free Valentine stencil download for you to paste onto a piece of paper for a perfectly designed love note. [Happy Hour Projects]

Valentine's Day notecards for the “I'd rather buy them” type (the same little ladies who skipped the arts and crafts on the 14th for pre-packaged Spice Girls cards circa 1997, perhaps?) come in heaps of shapes and sizes for grown-up gals, but here are our favorites!

For your mama: Love just sounds better in French, “Je T'aime, Je T'aime, Je'Taime…” []

For your mister: Give him those three special words every man dreams of hearing. “You're a fox.” A very sexy fox. []

For your girlfriends: Remind your leading ladies that their friendships add extra spice into your life with this chili pepper embellished, “You're Hot,” note. []

For when you need to indirectly express your affection: “I Hate Everyone Except You.” Brilliant. []