Amazing Body Oils To Fight Itchy Winter Skin


It’s no longer just coming – winter is HERE, with its bleak skies and frigid temperatures and mood altering syndromes. It’s a challenging time for your beauty regimen to say the least. For your skin (including your scalp,) you can most likely expect maximum dryness, with occasional bouts of flakes and itchiness. It’s time to step up your moisture game, internally and externally.

To combat itchy and dry winter skin, I take a layered approach. I increase my water intake, and I switch to a thick, moisturizing body wash. After showering, then I slather on a body butter. And the pièce de résistance that helps to stave away that winter itch is a body oil. A good body oil can help to seal in all of that moisture, keeping your skin soft and happy almost all day. Let me share a few of my favorites to help you get through the snowy season.

1.Shea Moisture Dry Oil Mist
SheaMoisture has a great variety of spray-on dry oil mists that target different areas of skincare needs. For anti-aging and softening, there’s their argan oil and raw shea blend. For soothing your skin with amazing fragrance, try their Tahitian noni and monoi blend. Coconut and hibiscus is for brightening and toning and lavender and wild orchid is for healing, hydrating and calming. Something for everyone!

2. Benefit Bathina “soft to touch, hard to get” Silky Seductive Body Oil Mist
Benefit’s body oil spritzes on like a sexy perfume, soft and sensual to the touch. The fragrance is heady but won’t clash with your perfume. Perfect for summer legs and for sealing in as much of that winter moisture as possible.

3. Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Body Oil With Vitamin E
Palmer’s is known and loved for their cocoa butter products and this body oil is a holy grail for pregnant women seeking to stave off stretch marks. Pairing cocoa body butter with body oil? Genius! A great (and affordable) way to stay moisturized all winter long.

4. Indie Lee Patchouli Sandalwood Moisturizing Oil
Although patchouli might bring images of drum circles and tie-dye skirts to mind, Indie Lee’s patchouli sandalwood oil is warm and sensual and deeply moisturizing for your body, face and hair.

5. Carol’s Daughter
One of the most popular and consistently great products from this beloved hair and bodycare brand, are their body oils. Carol’s Daughter body oils come in a wonderful variety of fragrances – from lavender & vanilla to exotic scents like “Ecstasy” and “Ocean.” All of them are amazing for dry winter skin!

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