Apples to Apples

It's my first autumn in Manhattan, and as much as I've been enjoying the energy of my new environment, I often find myself yearning for a dose of suburbia. And last week, I desperately needed to escape the glamorous concrete jungle to experience foliage, farms, and good old-fashioned fall fun! I packed my best autumnal attire and headed up to Albany to spend the weekend with my boyfriend.

Mother Nature must have known I was I coming… I couldn't have asked for better weather, crisper air, or bluer skies for my orchard adventure. We sampled an assortment of apples, washed down homemade cider donuts with refreshing apple cider, and even tried delicious apple butter.

The next day, after eating an ample amount of Honey Crisps, we decided to whip up a batch of scrumptious cinnamon apple pancakes. We then baked a tasty traditional apple pie and made these adorable pops…

I discovered these bite-sized treats on Bakerella and have been dying to make them ever since. (Aren't they cute? They were pretty yummy too!) A much-needed weekend in the country and lots of apple eating, helped to satisfy my autumnal appetite… I was ready to return to the biggest apple of them all… New York City!

Happy Fall!

~Annaliese Trigler