Ask Glam: How to Handle Sunburns


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Q: I got too much sun over the weekend, and this sunburn is killer! What are the fastest ways to heal?

A: No need to fret; you’re not the only one who's made the mistake. Regardless of your skin tone, many forget to apply sunscreen half an hour prior to sun exposure, and once out in the open forget to reapply every hour throughout the day. When that happens, the UV rays penetrate the skin to cause the burn.

Aloe Vera will become your best friend as your sunburn heals as it cools while it hydrates and eases the discomfort. According to Dr. Marina Peredo of Spatique Medical Spa, an oatmeal bath isn’t just for the chicken pox. “[The oatmeal] helps soother the skin and leave it feeling soft afterwards versus the normally dry feeling you get when you’re burnt,” she said. Dr. Peredo also recommends soaking a clean washcloth in cool water or milk and applying it to the skin for 10 to 15 minutes to soothe as well. Be sure to moisturize twice a day with a fragrance-free moisturizer like Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion (we don’t want to irritate the skin further) to prevent peeling. Stay safe!