B. Scott Beauty – Chantecaille Gold Energizing Recovery Mask


Now that the holidays are officially over and new year’s resolutions are underway, it’s time to turn the attention back on yourself and focus on kicking off 2014 as a better you. What better way to start than with making sure your skin is in tip-top shape?

This brings me to my newest favorite at-home spa treatmentThe Chantecaille Gold Energizing Recovery Mask ($195) is a must-have. These cooling eye masks are saturated with a cooling gel packed with real 24-karat gold and seaweed extracts to depuff, soothe, and brighten your under-eye area. I don’t know about you, but my under-eye area is definitely one of my more troubling areas. I like to pop mine in the fridge for a few minutes before I use them. They’re great to use both in the morning as you’re getting ready or at night before you go to sleep — or both (you might want to get two boxes in this case, there’s only 8 patches per box) I guarantee you’ll look and feel more refreshed after the first use!

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