B. Scott Beauty: EDEN BodyWorks


Finding great eco-friendly hair products for women of color can be both stressful and challenging. While there are a few prominent products out on the market, I wanted to share my love for EDEN BodyWorks!

EDEN BodyWorks provides natural products that integrate wellness and beauty inspired by nature. These remarkable products were first created by Founder Jasmine Lawrence at just 11 years old! Her hair was damaged, breaking badly, and she could not find any all-natural alternatives to the products she thought left her strands in despair. Determined to concoct the perfect solution, the teenage genius ventured tirelessly until she discovered her Eden. She created the brand in 2004 when she was just 13 years old!

The products come in three systems, Peppermint Tea Tree, JojOba Monoi, and Coconut Shea — and trust me when I say that they each smell and feel marvelous! If your hair goes through a lot of styling like mine, I’d definitely recommend the Coconut Shea to help restore moisture. EDEN BodyWorks takes pride in the fact that they search the globe to find the most effective and natural ingredients for their products.

Who doesn’t love good eco-friendly haircare? Visit the EDEN BodyWorks website to find out where to buy. Once you do, tweet me at @lovebscott and let me know your thoughts!

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