B. Scott Buy: T3 Source Shower Filter Shower Head


It’s not too often I come across something to help control my hair that isn’t a shampoo, conditioner, or cream — so when I stumbled upon this lifesaver I couldn’t wait to share! The T3 Source Showerhead purifies your shower water. Did you know that regular household water has high levels of chlorine that can damage and dry your hair? Using a chemical filtration process known as “Redox”, the T3 Source Shower Filter Shower head transforms chlorine into larger elements that are too big to be absorbed by your hair and skin. The process results in a 49% reduction in frizz, 22% increase in body, 36% increase in comb-ability and 31% increase in shine when compared to using regular tap water. The removal of 95% of chlorine helps improve hair health and color retention. Not only that — but the showerhead has 8 different spray settings. If you’re looking for a simple, yet effective boost to your current hair routine — this is it!

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