Bang, Bang: HBO Releases New Trailer for On the Run Tour Special


The center stage screen at Jay Z and Beyoncé’s On the Run Tour show beams with an indicative preface: THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE. Brash, and even violent, images punctuate set changes, while the billion-dollar couple channels a new-age Bonnie and Clyde full of unabashed lyrics and undeniable, badass swagger.

For the fans who missed out on this experience first-hand, HBO is bringing its Parisian show to cable September 20. The special is just the latest in the love triangle between Jay, Bey, and HBO, who've debuted documentaries, music videos, and exclusive performances on the premium network.

In its latest push to promo the end-of-summer special, HBO has released a new teaser, this time with the Carters seemingly addressing rumored relationship woes, in full-on performance mode. It opens with Bey covering 1966’s “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down),” before pulling the trigger on her better half—THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE, remember?—and concludes with footage from the couple’s $100 million-grossing tour. If this doesn’t give you reason to watch, we don’t know what will.