Barbie’s Dream House Has Come to Life


Many little girls grew up dressing their Barbie and prancing her through the perfectly manicured Malibu Dream House. Now you can have the opportunity to be Barbie, and prance through an actual life-sized replica of her pink mansion.

“This year, Barbie is inviting her fans into her world to explore what they've only played with in doll size,” said Lori Pantel, the vice president of global marketing for Barbie. That means 2,500 square meters of pink, glitter and plastic, according to Grazia Daily. Barbie’s Dream House has already opened its doors in Florida and another will open tomorrow in Berlin.

Across the pond, in London, there is a different Barbie Dream House in the works. Barbie commissioned London-based designer Roksanda Ilincicto outfit her new virtual pad in partnership with Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio. Reportedly, after attending the designer’s Fall/Winter 2013 show in February, Barbie fell in love with her style, and the rest is fashionable history.. With Ilincic’s influence, we’re expecting the usually pink home of Barbie to exude a more modern, edgy style given the designer’s aesthetic.

The glam life at it’s finest, wouldn’t you say?