Beauty Buzz: Estée Lauder Loves Linda Rodin, Nicole Richie’s Midnight Mane, Roberto Cavalli’s Bliss in a Bottle


Estée Lauder is closing deals left and right, and their latest is Linda Rodin’s luxe skincare brand Rodin Olio Lusso. Known as the “ultimate ‘insider’ beauty brand,” its range of body oil, hand and body creams, perfume, soap, scented candles, and even hair oil will likely be seen on many more shelves thanks to the deal. Fabrizio Freda, Lauder’s president and chief executive officer, praised the brand’s potential, saying, “With its luxurious product line and strong creative point of view, we believe it has the potential to be a high-growth global skin-care brand that strategically enhances our portfolio.” [WWD]

Hair [color] today gone tomorrow, eh, Nicole Richie? The #CandidlyNicole star switched her shade in time for Halloween, debuting a midnight blue hue at the at the House of Harlow 1960 Jewelry Launch Party earlier this month. If she keeps this up she may have her own rainbow meme before the end of year! [Refinery 29]

Roberto Cavalli has found paradise and put it in a bottle that will hit shelves in 2015. Called Paradiso, the new woody floral blends bergamot, mandarin orange, jasmine, chord of cypress, pink laurel, and parasol pine, lifting the brand’s natural hedonism to a higher plane. But don’t get confused, there’s no religious connotation here, as Cavalli himself explained, “Paradiso is about a moment of happiness. I wanted to give a feeling of that instant when you feel totally at ease… [and] being with the woman I love.” [WWD]

Skin Research Laboratories is stepping away from the hair enhancers to smooth our skin. The brand has just released its first skin polish, neuRadiance that uses bromelain enzyme from pineapples, shea butter, and magnesium crystals sourced from the Dead Sea to slough off dead skin without irritating pores. As the brand’s chief executive officer and founder Richard A. Carieri pointed out, “We use magnesium that’s not too rough and is healthy for the body should some remain on the skin.” [WWD]