Beauty Buzz: Kim Kardashian’s No-Brow Bid, Brad Pitt’s #ManiMonday Look, and Jennifer Aniston’s Sexy Spa Date


Remember when Kim Kardashiansported bleached brows at Kendall’s birthday party? Turns out, the look wasn’t just for a shoot, but for the cover of Love with Mrs. West sporting head-to-toe Prada. Kendall herself rocked the no-brow look for Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 shows, so we can consider this a family affair. [Racked]

Johnny Depp’s not the only one to rock a manly mani; now, Brad Pitt is, too! The star was spotted at the 26th Annual Palm Spring International Film Festival with a set of red, cobalt, and plums nails with silver stripes. The nail art is likely the work of the little Jolie-Pitts, who love a day at the nail salon. But we can bet the polishes are at least 5-free or even vegan lacquer, given Pitt’s penchant for a toxin-free lifestyle. [The Telegraph]

Everyone spends their Sunday nights getting their skin in gear for the upcoming week, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux included. The star revealed to Allure that she and her babe love to slather on a face mask, calling the quality time “adorable.” Now if only we can get the men in our lives to do the same… [The Cut]

While a beauty palette can satiate a cosmetic junkie’s craving, an aloe plant might be the best gift to get them. Aloe is an instant skin soother that helps to hydrate, making it a major ingredient in home remedies. From eye serums to shave gels, and even lip balm, your inner DIY can flourish with a few ingredients from the kitchen and a leaf or two. [Stylelist]

Cushion compacts have become a mainstay for complexion cosmetics; now the concept is spreading out to take care of your eye, lip, and cheek needs. With Korean imports from Peripera and Tony Moly to Glam favorites like Laneige, there’s a whole new reason to get cushy with your beauty routine. [Refinery 29]