Beauty Buzz: Lea Michele’s Bold Brows, Marisa Tomei’s Secret to Glowing Skin, and Bye-Bye Brazilian Bikini Waxes


It took a while, but it looks like Lea Michele’s finally hopped on the bold brow bandwagon. The star shocked many when she stepped out for The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Women in Entertainment breakfast with her brows brushed and filled to perfection. As Peaches Monroe would agree, yes, they are on fleek! [The Cut]

We can’t believe Marisa Tomei is reaching her golden year; needless to say she’s hasn’t lost that sparkle to her skin. But the secret the star’s stellar skin isn’t found in a bottle. “I am a dedicated sleeper. I get a solid eight hours and will take more if you give it to me, so, it’s probably that,” she told the fashion bible. “I think good skin really comes from the inside and has a lot to do with what you eat.” Excuse us; we have some beauty sleep to catch up on. [Vogue]

Wax on, wax off? It seems the once popular Brazilian bikini wax has fallen out of favor with many, including the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz. Many salons and studios have seen an uptick in those looking to leave a little bit behind, bringing the ratio to balance at 50/50. Even Completely Bare has changed its name to Spruce & Bond to offer a more discreet take on hair removal preferences. As Paz Stark, owner of Stark Waxing Studio, explained, “At the core of it, waxing is so personal and so private and you’re so vulnerable. I think it’s become something where people can say, ‘Wait a minute: That’s part of my body and that’s how I want it, that’s what I want to try with it.’ I think it’s a little bit of exploration that hasn’t been done in the past.” [Racked]

It takes many people years to figure out their signature scent, but Sofia Vergara had the jump on everyone. In the January issue of New Beauty, the Modern Family star and CoverGirl admitted she’s sported fresh fragrance since she was in diapers! As she explained, “I’ve been wearing perfume since I was a baby! I’m serious. There’s baby cologne in Latin America. Everyone uses it. You can’t believe what an important part of life it is to smell good from where I come from. It’s basic hygiene.” [New Beauty]

While we’re on the fragrance flip, Diana Vreeland’s impeccable outlook has finally come to the beauty counter in the form of seven scents. With names like Simply Divine, Absolutely Vital, and Extravagance Russe, the scents are as big as her lgacy with something to satisfy on every part of the scent spectrum. We’re adding this to our shopping for a few of our favorite fashionistas! [xo Vain]