Beauty Buzz: The Secret to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Gams, Janelle Monae’s First Makeup Memory, and Chris Brosius’ New Scent Is Up In Smoke


We know Gwyneth Paltrow turns to pal Tracy Anderson when she needs to get her gams in gear but what about getting them to glow? The star spilled the secret during the opening party for her Goop pop-up shop in Dallas, saying, “Prtty Peaushun is my absolute secret weapon for the red carpet, for my legs. It makes your skin look amazing and really toned. It’s my secret!” We’ll take 10 bottles! [InStyle]

Janelle Monae’s love for CoverGirl goes way back! The songstress admitted her mother introduced her to the brand before The Electric Lady headed off to prom. But it was one mega model that solidified her loyalty to the makeup musts. She explained, “I looked at Tyra Banks as a young black girl as one of the faces of the brand, and thought, ‘If it works for her, it must work for me!’” [Byrdie]

This fall, Burberry Make-Up is making it all about the eyes. The beauty brand introduced five new products to the eye collection: two mascaras (Bold Lash Mascara and Curve Lash Mascara), two eyeliners (Effortless Kohl Eyeliner and Effortless Lash Eyeliner), and an Effortless Eyebrow Definer. The products are meant to “effortless create the illusion of a natural, larger eye” says Burberry Make-Up's Artistic Consultant Wendy Rowe. [Glam Inbox]

The man behind Demeter's fragrance catalogue has returned to the fragrance counter with Do Not Ask Me Why 406. The rich, slightly floral fragrance evokes Christopher Brosius’s interpretation of opium smoke, based on his meticulous research on Charles Baudelaire’s writing on the substance. As he explained, ““I’m much more interested in the experience of scent — not just the pretty aspect. I’d been doing a little bit of research and seeing what I could come up with on a description [of the scent]. Based on that, I pieced this composition together.” [WWD]