Beauty Details, Straight from the Vanity of Dita Von Teese


Dita Von Teese solved lingerie issue for ladies who love lacy underpinnings earlier this year and shared two of her signature scents, but now the burlesque star is spilling some of her beauty secrets.

The vintage vixen opened up her makeup bag for Elle, revealing that she’s her own personal glam squad. In the past, she admitted to using box color to maintain the inky tresses, but she also uses a few hot roller sets regularly to prep for the red carpet and opts for a mix of mass and prestige when it comes to makeup. “I usually do my own hair for red carpet and my shows. I'm very DIY!” she explained to the glossy. “For primer, I use L'Oréal Revitalift Miracle Blur; it's a life-changing drugstore product with SPF 30. My favorite concealer is Clé de Peau; it's totally worth the splurge. For powder, I use the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish.”

While she’s responsible for her everyday allure, including her porcelain skin that she credits Madonna’s skincare regimen for, she does like to get pampered every once in a while. “I also love to go to the traditional Korean spas; they're open 24 hours,” Von Teese said. “I'll go watch some Korean soap operas and get a three-hour facial and a scrub and no one knows me. It's my favorite thing.”

Though she's on her Strip, Strip Hooray tour, it doesn’t mean she wants to smell like “stripper spray.” Instead of the sweet scents of vanilla, she looks to classic perfumes as well as her own two released this year. “I love perfumes of the past,” she said. “Once upon a time, there were perfumes that didn't smell like little girls and candy and sweetness and vanilla. I mean, Marlene Dietrich would not have worn a perfume that had vanilla in it. Some of my favorite perfumes are Quelques Fleurs and Lancôme Magie Noire. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique is also so nice; it smells like makeup.”

For Von Teese’s number one beauty secret, she echoes the merits of the ruby-hued makeup that Leandra Medine and many more have lauded for decades, a classic red lip. “Sunglasses are one of my beauty secrets,” Von Teese admitted. “Powder, red lipstick, and sunglasses. Everyone always thinks I'm so done up, but it's just the lipstick!”