Best of Beauty Blogs: Miniature Landscape Manicures, Chocolate Beauty Delights, and Luxe Lip Balms


We couldn’t believe our eyes when we first spotted this intricate manicure at Dear Crissy. From the Astroturf texture to the tiny people and trees, you can’t help but wonder how it was done!

Have your locks lost their luster? It might be time to test out the “no-poo” method to give your strands to re-balance its natural oils against the detergents. Lovelyish has no only a breakdown on the regimen, but a pros and cons list if you’re on the fence.

If the holidays did more damage to your wallet than you expected but you still need to replenish your skin’s moisture, She Is Thathas a recipe for success. Mix up your own batch of Avocado Orange Face mask to gently slough off dead skin and moisturize.

Sea-buckthown, or seaberry, provides a slew of health and beauty benefits, but the pills and juice may not be the tastiest way to increase your intake. My Beauty Bunny has discovered a decadent treat that does more than up your endorphins.

After a night on the town we hate having to fight to get our makeup off to go to bed, but New Love Makeuptested a new range of removers from Colorbar that are formulated to suite your skin type that will clear out without rubbing or redness.

You may be licking you lips in response to the dry winter weather, but Crow’s Feet, Cupcakes, and Cellulite has rounded up a slew of luxe solutions to give your lips some much needed TLC.