Bet Beyonce and Destiny’s Child Won’t Lip-Synch at the Super Bowl – Set List Revealed


Even though rumors are still swirling that Beyonce lip-synched her performance during the Inauguration earlier this week, that hasn't stopped the superstar from preparing to take the stage with her former band mates, Destiny's Child, for their first time performing together since 2006. Beyonce reportedly will start the set off with a solo performance with her first single, “Crazy in Love.” Then, US Weekly is reporting that Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will join Baddie Bey and sing a medley of “Bills, Bills, Bills,” “Survivor” and their latest song, “Nuclear.”

Hopefully, Beyonce can use this opportunity to rebound from the lip-synching rumors since Monday. US Weekly said that Beyonce is upset by the rumors that she would such a thing and Michelle Williams said on Good Morning America, that this whole thing is “disappointing and sad… that was such a big moment for her. I wish people would just let it go.”

Those rumors just gave Beyonce another reason to wow us … you know, besides the whole $60 million deal Pepsi that gave her. Set those calendars to watch Beyonce and Destiny's Child perform during Super Bowl 47's half-time show on Sunday, Feb. 3 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans!