Beyonce and Jay-Z Welcome Baby Blue Ivy Carter

By now it’s old news that Beyonce, 30, and Jay-Z, 42, have welcomed their first child into the world. But just in case you’ve been living in a social media free world these last few days, we’ll give you the basic facts:

Gender: Female
Name: Blue Ivy Carter
Date of Birth: Saturday, January 7, 2012

While the superstar couple is feeling blissful, other parents at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, where Beyonce gave birth via C-Section, are feeling rather upset. Security on the maternity ward has been bumped up to an extreme, and many new moms and dads have been inconvenienced by the extensive measures, including a bevy of body guards, who reportedly restrict the times parents and visitors can come and go.

We’re happy for Bey and bebe Blue, but we cant help but feel for the other parents who are supposed to be relishing their experience too. How would you feel if you couldn't wander the ward or visit a friend?