Blast From the Past


It’s fun when we find out that the things we once loved in our youth still find significance in our lives even now. From our favorite childhood treats to the trends that rocked our schoolyard, just because they were linked to our youth doesn’t mean they can’t find a place in our present. Here’s what throwback specialties have been making their way back into the lives of our Glam editors. You won’t want to pass up those “blast from the past” pics either!

I've always been warned that fashion tends to repeat itself, but I haven't experienced it first hand—until this summer. I'm a total ‘90s child, so that meant that my pink little-girl room was stocked with butterfly clips, jelly sandals, Spice Girls/N*SYNC CD's and plenty of different styles of overalls at all times. Clearly, the sorts variety pictured here were some of my favorites. It took a few years, but there's no doubt that overalls are the trend to try this season—or, rather, re-try. Celebrities love them, and fashion bloggers have totally reinvented them. I haven't committed to 2014's interpretation of the trend just yet, but it might be only a matter of time before I strike this very same pose “one more time.”-Lauren Kaplan, Overall advocate and Assistant Features Editor

Bow barrettes were huge in the ‘80s and '90s and were a part of my everyday wardrobe when I was little. If there was a color-coordinated outfit that I needed to put together, I had a bow in that hue to complete it. It became my signature when I was in school. I still look back on that time when feeling like I was fully dressed up only took the click of a clasp—and guess what? I’m still rocking them today!-Valis Vicenty, Bow enthusiast and Glam Beauty Editor

This five-year old loved her little bob growing up. Molly Ringwald rocked one…and so did I. It was easy to style, easy to maintain, and it kept mom from having to brush tangles out of hair every night. There was a period when my locks grew long but recently short hair is back in full force, and so off went my tresses. From the pixie to the shoulder-length cut, 2014 has been all about the significance of short hair once again. I suppose I’m sporting a lob, a long bob of sorts, similar to my childhood ‘do but sans the bangs. -Katherine Fotinos, Lob lover and Assistant Editorial Producer