Bon Appétit and HSN Craft a Culinary Collection

Conde Nast'sBon Appétit, the go-to magazine for foodies everywhere, has teamed up with HSN to produce a collection of high-quality modern culinary products. The Bon Appétit collection features small appliances, including pressure cookers, immersion blenders, electric grills/griddles; as well as pans, cutlery, and prep tools that are mostly dishwasher safe. The appliances come in array of hues to complement your kitchen’s color scheme.

Glam got the chance to see the tools in action as executive chef and Top Chef alumnus, Ryan Scott, walked us through the collection and served us a delicious lunch. He explained how the pans provide even heat distribution for less hassle when cooking. The grill/griddle easily switches sides by unplugging the master heat control and flipping the plate over. The immersion blender uses buttons instead of a toggle, allowing you to control whisking speed with a dial — and it comes with its own bowl that stays in place while you work. We were amazed to find the electric pressure cooker cuts down on prep time with pulled pork roasted to perfection in a matter of minutes instead of hours in the oven.

You can see the collection as Ryan Scott goes live on HSN on January 31st throughout the day and will be available on air and online at