Brad Goreski Chats Summer Plans, Trends and Dressing Adele


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All Images Courtesy of @mrbradgoreski

While our Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a staple when it comes to keeping our walls, bathrooms and floors spick and span, we had no idea the power that this baby packed when it comes to our wardrobe. Stylist Brad Goreski let us in on a little secret! You can use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to keep your whites just that… white. Goreski shared more tips with Glam and chatted with us about bad fashion mistakes, summer trends and overalls.

If you could use the magic eraser on any part of your life, whether it’s bad fashion decisions or bad boyfriends–what would it be if you could just completely erase it?

It would be on bad fashion mistakes for sure.

Any that stand out in your mind?

Oh there’s so many, but you know, it’s all about trial and error. I look at some things that I’ve worn, and I loved it in the moment, but sometimes afterwards, I don’t love it so much. But as long as you have a good time in it, it doesn’t really matter. You’ve got to learn from your past.

Do you have any Fourth of July plans?

I’ll be in the Hamptons, hopefully getting a tan. It’s my first time on the beach, and I’ve got some new swimsuits that I want to try on. I’m ready to go.

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Obviously we saw a lot of white for Mr. Clean, but are there any other summer trends that you think women should have in their wardrobes?

I’m loving all the colors and prints that are out there. I think for guys and for girls there has been this explosion of 1960s prints, graphic black and white. I'm also seeing a lot of acid colors. I think the designers and the mass retailers have given us a lot of product to play with, and I would encourage people to do so instead of getting stuck in their normal summer [clothes]. Or with black–it’s 90 degrees, let’s lighten up the wardrobe a little bit.

Who would you say has the best red carpet style right now?

I think the last thing that I really loved was Blake Lively at Cannes, in terms of consistency, I thought that whole run was really beautiful.

What was your favorite look from Cannes?

The black and white Gucci.

If you could pick any celebrity, who would you want to dress?

No longer with us, Marilyn Monroe. And with us, probably Adele.

Why Adele?

Because I think she’s sent from heaven! I just think she’s perfect–she’s talented, she’s super sweet, she’s Adele. She’s got one name.

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I’m just going to ask you a couple trends that are going on right now and get your opinion on them. Birkenstocks?

Love. I have three pairs of them, they’re comfortable, and they look great with the cropped slim trousers that are happening right now, they look good with a baggy short. Everything comes back. I have white ones from about four years ago that I never thought I would wear again, but they’re here to stay.


I have a pair of those too. Wore them on the red carpet with a leather jacket, a t-shirt, and a pair of high tops. I love it, it’s so Color Me Bad. There will probably be a picture of me, like, without a shirt on and one flap open. It’s just so nostalgic.

Super slits on dresses? We saw it on Kendall Jenner–yay or nay?

For me, if you put a slit in something, you’re obviously highlighting a certain part of the body. Leg slits make sense for leg, open backs make sense for back, but I don’t know if that part of the body is something you really need to see on the red carpet.

Do you think it’s going to go further with all these TMI dresses?

I guess we’ve already been there with illusion panels, feeling like we’re seeing part of the body we haven’t been seeing–it’s fun though, it keeps it interesting for us stylists.