Buttoned-Up: The Warmest Coats for Winter


Brrr! There's already a chill in the air—and snow and ice are sure to follow before long. To prepare for winter’s worst, you have to find the best—read warmest—coat to beat the impending blustery blues. From bold hues to luxe touches of leather, and lots of wool and faux fur in between, we’ve found a few coats to keep the frigid elements at bay until spring arrives.

1. Merona Polka-Dot Luxe Coat, $70
2.Merona Women's Shawl Coat, $50
3. C9 by Champion Women's Ski Jacket, $85
4. Women's Fit-and-Flare Jacket With Faux-Leather Trim, $45
5.Women's Belted Coat With Faux-Leather Sleeves, $45
6. Merona Women's Peacoat, $40