Buzz Alert: Bud Light Launches 50/50/1 Concert Series to Put Music First


Budweiser may have the Made In America festival on lock, but there's another brew that's stepping up to the summer concert series plate. Bud Light teamed up with MySpace, Live Nation, and Universal for an unprecedented celebration of music that will culminate with concerts in all 50 states across the U.S. in one day. Yes, you read that right: a concert in each and every state from New York to Californ-I-A on the same day!

“Music is such a unique platform because it brings people together, yet everyone interacts with it on a personal level,” said Bud Light's vice president Rob McCarthy. “With Bud Light Music First, we have an amazing collection of artists and partners that will make sure every adult fan can experience music in a fun, interesting way this summer.”

That innovative experience includes an interactive MySpace hub where fans can get concert updates, listen to 50/50/1 artists, read exclusive artist interviews, and get the chance to win tickets to the nationwide bash. And even if you slack up and don't get a ticket in time for the summer show, you'll be able to stream performances in select cities. According to Christian Parkes, head of global MySpace marketing, the program is a match made in music heaven.

“We're excited to partner with Bud Light as the Music First initiative gives fans the opportunity to connect to music on a massive scale, tapping into Myspace’s platform as a destination for 50/50/1,” said Parkes. “Like Myspace, Bud Light shares the desire to create unique experiences in music and provide fans greater access to their favorite artists.”

So who exactly can you expect on sound stages from Anchorage to Virginia Beach and Minneapolis in between? How about the likes of Kendrick Lamar, The Flaming Lips, andThe Great Gatsby soundtrack contributor Emeli Sandé? So far, more than half the lineup of the August jamboree has been announced, but stay glued to this site for 50/50/1 concert updates. And, of course, share (drink) responsibly.