Cameron Diaz’s Newest Role: Artistic Director!


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Cameron Diaz has a new role and it isn’t in front of the camera! The actress will serve as Pour La Victorie’s new artistic director, which is a result of her recent stake in the footwear and accessories brand. Though sudden, she’s ready for the challenge of heading up a brand’s vision.

“I don’t do endorsements really,” Diaz told Women’s Wear Daily. “Being influential in a brand and in its [advertising] campaigns really interest me. I love fashion. It’s a large part in my life. What I wear is looked at. It influences what other people wear because that’s just the world we live in.”

It's a world where celebrity involvement in the fashion industry is met with trepidation—something Diaz realizes. “Pour La Victoire gives me the opportunity to create something timeless,” the 40-year-old said. “There’s a lot that I have to learn about the business. I’m interested in learning how collections are created. The word ‘fun’ I want to say it’s going to be fun, but it’s deeper than that.”

We’ll have to wait until the spring to see Diaz’s first collection though we can see her fall and holiday choices marketed as “Cameron’s Picks,” in the near future. Just don’t expect to see the actress starring in the ad campaign, too. She doesn’t want to be in front of the camera, she just wants to make really good bags.

“If you’re spending $500 on a bag, it should be your partner in life,” the star of Bad Teacher told WWD. “That’s what a bag is for women. It’s holds everything important in your life as long as you’re carrying it.”