Cara Delevingne Gets Weird (& Creative) With DKNY


Just when we thought Cara Delevingne was done with surprises for the season, she threw us another. Not only is she a model, designer and actress, but she’s a bona-fide publicist, too. Delevingne’s 15-piece capsule collection for DKNY is set to hit stores, and she’s more into it than any celeb collaborator we’ve seen—so much so that she wrote the press release herself. After teaming up nearly two years ago, the DKNY X Cara collection will finally be available at DKNY’s Madison Avenue store, Bloomingdale’s 59th St. store, and Shopbop on October 15.


Expect to find sporty pieces from tanks to bomber jackets to onesies, which Delevingne encourages to mix and match without abiding by any rules. We also spy some playful graphic tees with the model’s eyes on them, the perfect basic crop to, and a pretty phenomenal leather jacket. This collection has just the right amounts of sport and polish that can inspire chic looks of all genres. In the release, she writes, “I love to layer every which way. There are 15 pieces to play with—no rules, no ‘looks’, just opportunities.” Leave it to Cara D to design a collection that allows wearers to maintain not only a sense of individuality, but a little bit of “weirdness,” too.