Cara Santana On Style Inspo and Her Appreciation for Knee Socks


You might know Cara Santana as an up-and-coming style star—or, conversely, as John Tucker Must Die star/God, Jesse Metcalfe’s girlfriend. But either way, she’s got a thing for fashion. Appropriately, she’s surveying the Fashion Week scene to develop her taste, stay inspired and expand her wardrobe.

What kind of outfit makes you feel super feminine? Probably a dress. You can’t go wrong with a flowy, fitted dress. I think that makes me feel really girly and feminine.

What was your first awakening with fashion? My first awakening was going to private school in El Paso, Texas and feeling like, “We all look alike! I need some semblance of individuality,” so I would work the knee-high socks, penny loafers, sweaters—trying to make my uniform individual.

Like our BFF Cher Horowitz! Thinking of channeling her this Halloween? Completely—right out of Clueless. I haven’t, but maybe I’ll bring it back in October.

Who’s your style icon? I have so many. I’m constantly inspired by my friends—Ashley Madekwe, Nicole Richie, Jamie Chung [have] amazing style. I’m always inspired by those girls.

What’s your #HealthyObsessionI love to workout. I’m obsessed with Tracy Anderson. And I love green juices! [Ed note: …as any self-respecting Los Angeles-dweller should.]

What are you looking forward to wearing for fall? I’m obsessed with the whole Public School collection—I went to their Spring [2015] show and I got to try on a bunch of fall looks and I was totally obsessed, I just want to wear public School 24/7. They’re so cool—too cool for me!